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A gorgeous plot hound mix dog named Mimi, owned by a man in Alabama, was abused on a regular basis. The man not only kicked and hit her but also used a Taser on her a number of times. Neighbors seeing the dog brutalized in such a manner took action. One day the dog disappeared and was eventually found at a vet a few miles north. Since stealing a dog in Alabama is a crime, the neighbors did not tell the owner of her whereabouts.

Mimi was very pregnant and sent to a foster home where she gave birth that first night. Mimi and her 7 babies were sent north to Sweet Paws Rescue in Essex, MA leaving Alabama on November 6, 2012 when the pups were a mere 3 weeks old. We first met them at their first foster mom’s hair salon in Shrewsbury and that is where we met and decided to adopt Bailey (formerly known as Giselle). The pups were then transferred to their second foster home where they would remain until they found their forever home.

We visited Bailey weekly until she was 8 weeks old. The day we picked up Bailey we were told that another pup, Chanel, was also up for adoption again because the first adoptee was not a suitable home for her. Joel was not in favor of taking 2 dogs but once Chanel was put into his arms and she looked up at him it was all over.

We are very happy that we had the chance to adopt these two very different, loveable sisters. They bring much joy into our lives and are a wonderful addition to our shop. As the official greeters, they meet everyone at the door with an enthusiastic wag and patiently wait for return affection. Their days are filled with playing in their fenced in yard behind the shop, spending time going from person to person looking for treats or affection, greeting all incoming guests or sleeping at our feet in the office. They bring unconditional love and are great stress relievers.

Without the help of those caring neighbors, the southern rescue partners, the transport team and the amazing foster homes, this story would have a totally different ending. Sweet Paws Rescue is a non-profit shelterless dog rescue organization which depends on donations to continue their work. If you would like to donate to this shelter or are looking to adopt, check out their website at www.sweetpawsrescue.org.